Tampa Boudoir Session


I get many women that say they want to have a boudoir session, but they feel they aren’t quite ready for it yet. Hogwash, girlfriend! Lol. You totally have got this! I hear quite frequently that they are¬†interested but they’d like to “lose another 15 lbs” first. I say join the club…don’t we all feel this way! I can guarantee that I will do more with lighting & angles than 6 months at the gym will do. ūüėČ Or another common concern is “I have no idea how to pose!” I can totally help you with that! I have assisted¬†hundreds of ladies with looking sexy¬†in front of the camera, and I will be there demonstrating and directing you every step of the way!

Not too long ago, I was doing a family session with the gorgeous Miss A and she let me in on a little secret…she had been wanting to do an intimate portrait session for a while. I said lets do it! We started to plan and she almost chickened out saying she wasn’t at her goal weight. But I convinced her otherwise, and let me tell you…this girl rocked it! I hope she looks at these images and realizes that “Dang! I am one hot mama!” Because she totally is! Thank you so much for trusting me lady! ūüėȬ†Below are some of my favorite images that I photographed of her¬†from this¬†boudoir session.

Hair & Makeup by Bonnie of Cleveland Bridal Makeup Co.

Cleavage & Ring Shot - Tampa Boudoir ©Tamarie PhotographyMen's Shirt Boudoir - Tampa Boudoir ©Tamarie PhotographyBoudoir with a Men's Shirt - Tampa Boudoir ©Tamarie PhotographyWoman putting on high heels - Tampa Boudoir - ©Tamarie PhotographyBlack & White Boudoir - Tampa Boudoir - ©Tamarie PhotographyBlack Bra Boudoir - - Tampa Boudoir - ©Tamarie PhotographyBlack Lingerie - - Tampa Boudoir - ©Tamarie Photography- Tampa Boudoir - ©Tamarie Photography- Tampa Boudoir - ©Tamarie Photography

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Tarah : 19:22 January 5, 2016 Reply
I'm obsessed
Tarah Beaven : 21:43 January 5, 2016 Reply
Sizzling hot! These are sensual and beautiful. I love how the husband is present in these photos too by means of her wedding band (which is beautiful). The movement and lighting are really special. Great session!
Rebekah Williams Stewart : 21:55 January 5, 2016 Reply
These are absolutely stunning! The light is just perfection and she's gorgeous. Beautiful work!
Danielle : 15:10 January 6, 2016 Reply
Love the light! Perfect for the mood/tone. Beautiful work.
    tami : 09:37 January 7, 2016
    Thank you so much Danielle!

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