Tamarie Photography Has A Fresh Look!


This is something that was a long time coming…I’ve been wanting to freshen up the look and feel of my business for some time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my former website and my last logo, but my business has grown and so have I as a photographer and an artist. I wanted something that really defined who I am now and what I want to represent.  When I first started out in the field photography…I wanted to get out and photograph everything and anything, echo all the photo techniques that this rockstar photographer was doing, and emulate the business tactics of that marketing guru.  And while I still seek inspiration from others, after getting the last couple years under my belt, I’ve come to realize what are the things that really get my heart racing with excitement and also put a perm-smile on my face when it comes to my photography. And it pretty much all stems from…


I mean LOVE getting the latest and greatest lenses, but you won’t find me toting around all kinds of ridiculous gear, gadgets, and crazy props.

There are some pretty AMAZING flash systems out there, but I adore the beauty of the best light box available to man…we call it the Sun.

The images that I have found myself enjoying capturing most are the ones where my clients are just being themselves, in an environment in which they are comfortable, and are truly connecting and sharing the warmth of those around them.

And I wanted you to feel this same simplicity and connection with my new website…

When I first started the process of determining a brand for Tamarie Photography, I probably overwhelmed the crap out of my designer Sam from Point of Vue Design.  She sent me a short questionnaire and I ended up writing her a novel back, along with sending her a link to my Pinterest inspiration board that had close to 200 pins of ideas. I had so many ideas going through this head of mine!  We went through a ton of different options with regards to logo designs and website layouts and for some reason it just wasn’t clinking quite yet. I thought the more examples and ideas, the better for rolling them all up into one beautiful brand. But it was leaving me, and I’m pretty sure Sam, feeling a bit overwhelmed and frustrated as the direction I ultimately wanted to go. But I think she actually understood better what I want than even I did. She had me step back and ask myself what I wanted my business to represent…and made me realize that didn’t have to include all the facets of things I loved in general with life.  And when I discussed all the options with couple people, who’s option I valued greatly, they said  the same thing: “Just keep it simple. Simple is key”. Then it clicked. And now we have the fresh look of Tamarie Photography. 🙂

And the fun doesn’t stop here with my site. Client’s be ready for some REALLY cool stuff still in the works to make your photo experience with me even better! Stay tuned… 🙂

Of course I can’t have a blog post without an image…here’s a sneak peek into the scene of yesterday’s family session.

Family Lifestyle Shoot 1


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