Summertime with Gavin


With the temperature dropping quite a bit this week, and waking up to grey skies with a rainy mist, I thought, what better a morning to post some photos from a session I did with Gavin earlier in the summer.  I have been fortunate enough to meet the Greggs right after little Gavin was born.  I’ve been taking photos of the sweet little boy since he was a newborn.  This was our 6th session together and I get to see the group again in October! It’s amazing how via photography, strangers can turn into aquantances, into friends, and almost like family.  Here are a few fav’s from the session! I hope it will bring a little sunshine into your day. 😉

Krista Giacobbe : 18:39 September 10, 2011 Reply
LOVE the last one! gorgeous!

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