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I get asked quite frequently for recommendations, what’s in my “camera bag” or my “beauty bag”, what do I use for my business workflow, health & fitness recommendations, and just in general, what are some of my favorite things. So I thought it was time to make a list of all these things so I can direct you right to one spot with all of the answers! 

*Please note, that some of these links are referral/affiliate links and I do get a small kickback for the referral. But know that all the links on this page are to things that I use in my daily life and highly recommend. So if you think you could benefit from the product link (some offer savings to you as a promo code!), I would be eternally grateful if you clicked through my links so then we could both benefit! Thank you! 


  • HoneybookThis program has been an absolute lifesaver to me with my running a small business and keeping on top of tasks! It’s helped to make my business run so much more efficiently with automated workflows, email templates, calendar linking, contracts, invoices and so much more! The project pipeline is also visibly appealing and makes it easy for me to manage multiple projects at once. If you’d like to get 50% off, use the link above.
  • MeetEdgar: This is an amazing way to streamline your social media so you don’t get bombarded with trying to hop to each and every platform to share your posts. You create a library of content with different categories, a calendar of when you would like to post those posts/category type, and then you can also create timelines of when and how long you want to use the content and MeetEdgar will automatically recycle content to make sure people are actually seeing it! Use the link above and save $10 off on your next invoice!  
  • PixiesetThey allow me to share client images for proofing and selling my photography images in beautiful online galleries. With CDs and flash drives becoming a thing of the past, this also allows an easy option for electronic delivery of images to my clients that order digital files. You will get an extra 250mb of storage using the link here. 
  • Moo Business CardsI can’t tell you how many compliments I get whenever I hand someone a business card of mine. They always compliment on how professional and beautiful they look. Moo has great customer service and they are super speedy with their turn around. You will get 25% off with my referral link. 
  • DropboxI use Dropbox quite frequently when I need to do quick file sharing with my peers and sometimes as an alternative if I need to share just a few files with a client. 
  • Backblaze: After dealing with a fire in my apartment complex in 2012, I learned that cloud storage and backup was an absolute must! Thankfully, I didn’t lose any files in the fire, but it was a little too close of a call for me! Backblaze has been the easiest option for me with setup and is very economical at only $50/year. Use my referral link above and get a month of storage free! 
  • Siteground Hosting: I transferred my hosting a few years ago to Siteground and I am so thankful that I did! I’m not the savviest when it comes to web design/creation and they made the process of switching hosts so easy! And whenever I have a problem with my website, their customer service is probably the best that I’ve ever encountered!


  • Peak Design Everyday Backpack: Hands down, the best camera bag I have ever bought! I always struggled with finding a bag that would easily fit all my gear in it but also wasn’t a hassle to carry around or get stuff out of. That’s where the Everyday Backpack came into the picture. It’s definitely not the cheapest bag out there but the superior quality makes it totally worth it! I can easily use my 20L bag as my carry-on to shove under the seat in front of me, carry it on my back or attached to my luggage handle, and the ability to get in and out of my bag for lenses changes without even taking it off, is everything I could have dreamed of in a bag! This bag is going to last me for a few decades, I’m sure of it! (PS, I’d love you forever if you use the link above as it’s a referral link! <3 ) 
  • Canon 5D Mark III: I’m a Canon girl through and through and this camera is my power horse! So much so that I have two of them – one as my prime camera body, the other as my back-up. 
  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM: This lens provides beautiful compression and allows you to zoom in on objects in the distance with stability.
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM: This is a very economically priced lens by Canon that is amazing for portrait images, even for the beginner photographer. 
  • Sigma art 35mm f1.4 Canon: This is probably my most used lens! It’s what I use primarily for all my boudoir sessions. 
  • Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT: This has been my preferred flash for years!
  • Sigma USB Dock for Canon: I use this to update the firmware and calibrate my Sigma lens. 
  • SanDisk 500GB Extreme Portable SSD: This external hard drive is so teeny tiny and SUPER fast! It makes uploading files from my camera while traveling so incredibly easy!
  • SanDisk Ultra 16GB CF Memory Card: These a great for portrait sessions – just enough space and they read quickly! 
  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015): I made the switch to Apple back in 2010 and I haven’t looked back since! I love this MacBook Pro for how slim it is – makes it easy to work on the go! 
  • BorrowedLenses: Sometimes you just want to try before you buy! Or you just need a lens for one specific event/trip. This is why I love Borrowed Lenses! Use the link here and get $30 off your first rental order! 


  • Clickin Moms: I know, I am not a mom (haha), but this platform of female photographers worldwide has provided me with amazing opportunities to meet other photographers all over the world, connect via their forums to ask questions and learn from others, experience and photograph in various parts of the US with their annual conference, and they offer all kinds of amazing online classes and other education. I highly recommend them!
  • Do More Photographers: This group is for the boudoir photographers out there. It was probably one of the best decisions I made for my boudoir brand when I joined this community. They are full of a plethora of information, educational resources, tutorials, and probably the most fun camp I’ve ever attended for a hands-on workshop.   
  • CreativeLive: This gives you FREE education when you watch their programming live! I’ve learned SO much from them, it’s ridiculous! If you decide to order during the broadcast to keep the class for future reference, it’s usually deeply discounted. But use the link above and get $15 off your first class purchase!


  • AirBnBSometimes it just seems a little more personable when you get to rent out someone’s home while you are traveling. You can also sometimes make new friends in different parts of the world with the wonderful hosts that are out there. If you are inclined to give it a go, you can get a $40 credit by linking through with the above hyperlink. 
  • Google FlightsThis is my go-to when planning flights for trips. It allows me to search and compare different flights for the cheapest option with their aggregator. I love the price graph option – especially if you have some flexibility with your travel dates. I will usually then track flights and wait until the prices drop to book my flight. 
  • My Webspot: When traveling abroad, it is so helpful to be able to have wifi for directions, looking up spots to eat or visit. But sometimes the international data plans with your phone company can be limited to the data available, the number of devices, and can be expensive! I have found this to be the most economical option for me. I can use it on up to 5 devices as well – which makes it great when traveling with others and/or if you are bringing a laptop/iPad. Get 5% off with the referral link above. 
  • Anker Powercore 10000 power bank: This has saved me so many times when my phone or computer or wifi hotspot is dying and I need to quickly charge the battery.
  • LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes Luggage Organizers: These look good, and make fitting everything into your suitcase and finding it in your suitcase, a breeze!


  • Ebates: I’ve used this for a few years now (highly recommend adding the Google Chrome extension for this to make deal finding easy!), and it’s definitely saved me quite a bit of money! It’s not always big savings, but if you like to book travel on sites like Groupon, the savings add up quickly! I average about $100-200/year saved! If you use the link above, you will get a bonus $10 cash back with your first Ebates purchase!
  • Ibotta: This is an app that allows you to save on purchases you make while shopping. Open the app and the store you will be shopping and add offers on things you know you are going to purchase. Then after your shopping trip, scan in your receipt and get credited on those items you bought. Once you reach $20, you can transfer the money to Paypal or a gift card. I usually earn about $100/year cash back. Use the link above to get an additional $10 cash back!
  • Groupon: Again, I use this all.the.time. to book travel deals for many of my international trips! They usually will have sales too for 10% off Groupon travel deals! It’s been good too for restaurant and concert deals for me. 


  • This has been a lifesaver for helping me to concentrate while working, helping me with guided meditation, as well as offering white noise to help me sleep better! It’s basically music for the brain…it sync’s with your brainwaves.
  • Fitbit Versa: having this watch has definitely increased my physical activity! It’s so great to be able to track my steps, push me to walk more via the challenges, and to keep tabs on my sleep habits, health stats, and more! If you have a Fitbit, be sure to do a search for me and add me as a friend so we can cheer each other along! Xx


  • Bombas Socks: As someone that suffers from hyperhidrosis, it can be hard to find a good pair of socks that week keep my feet dry. I finally found the holy grail with these! They have the perfect mix of cotton in them to keep me from being sweaty, and their ultra low cut socks have little grips on the heels to keep socks from sliding down (we all know what a pain that is!) What’s even better is that for every pair you buy, they donate a pair! If you want 25% off your first order, use the link above! 
  • TOMS:  Again, another organization that provides a “buy 1, give 1” motto so whenever you buy a pair, you are helping others less fortunate around the world. I live for missions like this! 
  • Allbirds: I kept hearing such good things about these shoes, that I finally decided to splurge on a pair of tree skippers for my trip to Greece and they were the most comfortable shoes ever! They are super lightweight and compact, so it made it easy for packing. Added bonus: they are made from sustainable materials! 
  • Women’s Off Shoulder Ruffle Dress: I have gotten so many compliments on this dress and it’s just from Amazon and only about $25! It’s well made and ships fast! Perfect for your next portrait session! 

Is there something missing from this list that you know we’ve chatted about before but you can’t put your finger on it? Shoot me an email at: