Portrait Session Donation Winners – Mindy + Nikki’s Cleveland Engagement Session


A few weeks back, I was in a bit of a slump and feeling like I was working my butt off in all aspects of my life, and things just weren’t going my way. But I decided to take a step back and realize that we all have our battles that we face and it’s getting through the hard times and the struggles that make us appreciate so much more all the good life brings us. So I decided, then and there, that I wanted to help someone out that might also be dealing with some troubles in their lives by offering a portrait session and prints from their session for FREE. I figured the least I could do during this holiday season was to offer a little bit of light into someone else’s life. After posting about the contest, I got some some really great nominations. And it was tough to make a decision. But I ultimately decided to go with a nomination for a wonderful couple – Mindy & Nikki.

This beautiful couple is seriously some of the sweetest gals I’ve met in a long time. The connection and the electricity that sparked between the two of them as I was photographing them was undeniable. But even in this day and age, not everyone is always so accepting of such a romance, where it is between two people of the same gender. But this couple ultimately decided after their lives crossing paths for nearly 7 years, and after being in a committed relationship for a handful of years, it was time for them to get engaged.  This should be a point in a couples lives where they are on top of the world! But some were worried about how a gay marriage would affect their lives and their future children’s lives. This has left their celebrations on their commitment to love each other to a minimum, and thoughts of keeping the wedding to a small, simple elopement so as not to create more of a stir.

In my opinion love comes in all shapes, colors, genders, and forms. Love doesn’t discriminate.  And it should be celebrated no matter what. And the love was definitely so emanate with Mindy & Nikki. I hope this session allowed them to enjoy a few hours of celebrating their commitment and to help get them excited for all they have ahead of them on their journey together.  I know it lifted my spirits to an ultimate high seeing them leave their engagement session – arms intertwined & with huge smiles on their faces. 🙂

Cleveland Gay Engagement 1Cleveland Gay Engagement 2Cleveland Gay Engagement 3Cleveland Gay Engagement 4

“What I love most about Nikki is her kind, gentle heart. She helps me see the positive in every situation and encourages me to look at things from a different perspective.” – Mindy

Cleveland Gay Engagement 5Cleveland Gay Engagement 6

“Our rings – we wanted to find something unique and us. On my ring: the latitude & longitude of where we met at Baldwin-Wallace along with the inscriptions, ‘Met you’. On hers: the coordinates of our first date at Bar Cento and the inscription, ‘Kept you’.” – Mindy

Cleveland Gay Engagement 7Cleveland Gay Engagement 8Cleveland Gay Engagement 9Cleveland Gay Engagement 10Cleveland Gay Engagement 11Cleveland Gay Engagement 12

“What I love most about Mindy is how she always puts her whole heart into everything. She is so lovely and expressive, and has managed to make me a better person through pulling all of these weird emotions and feelings out.” – Nikki

Cleveland Gay Engagement 13Cleveland Gay Engagement 14


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