January 21, 2012

Miss G’s Hinkley Boudoir Session


I don’t know how many times I’ve had girlfriends or female acquaintances  tell me “I’m not skinny enough.” or “I don’t have  enough curves” or “I’m not a young, sexy 20-something anymore.”  when I tell them how much they would love doing a boudoir session. I just want to shake them and say that is the exact reason you need to do this session…so you can truly embrace the beauty that was given to you. You are the “perfect” version of you!

What I loved about my session with Miss G, is that she wasn’t my typical 20-something bride-to-be clientele, but a gorgeous woman who has been living the happily married life for a little while now and wanted to give her hubby a sexy little present. Miss G has been working with a trainer for some time now, and all the kettlebell training and powerlifting has paid off!  Check out some of my favorites below. 🙂


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