Let Me Introduce Myself…the Person Behind Tamarie Photography


Talking about myself has never been a forte of mine. I’d MUCH rather brag about my amazing friends and family. Haha. But being new to the St Petersburg/Tampa Bay area, I figured there was no time like the present to introduce myself, the person behind the camera, to all the new friendly faces that are just now stumbling upon my page that showcases my work passion. I also got a friendly little nudge from a bunch of ladies I like to call my Tampa Shutter Sisters as part of a monthly blogging challenge, so here I am. 😉 If you haven’t check it out already, be sure to head over to my MEET TAMI page and my THINGS THAT MAKE ME SWOON pages for some more fun facts about me!

I was officially born – Tamara Marie Keehn as a child of the ’80s.Child of the 80s(photo by: Too Much Awesomeness)

My business name is a combination of my first and middle name (Tamarie), but if you want to catch my attention call me Tami. Or stick a craft cocktail (like an Old Fashion) and some pomme frites in front of me and you’re my new best friend! 😉

Classic Cocktail, Old Fashion, French Fries

I find I am a person that thrives on growth and change, verses a life that is “comfortable” and in my opinion also possibly “stagnant”. I’ve overcome some big obstacles….divorce, leaving a job/career that wasn’t quite my niche, and moving across the country and all have made me the person I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m a woman obsessed in becoming comfortable in her own skin”

This is a true sentiment, and yes, yes I do, also love to pin cheesy quotes/sayings on Pinterest. I think I’m getting close to 1300 of them, and almost 6000 pins in total.  Go follow me on Pinterest HERE to see more of them.

My favorite part of my day currently is getting up early to go for a run and to watch the sun rise over the Tampa Bay right near my new home.

St Pete Sunrise

You will likely find me also taking a quick break  on these runs to snap an iPhone photo of it so I can Instagram it later…have I told you I’m a bit obsessed with Instagram?! Please go follow me HERE!

Instagram TamiKeehn

I also have a severe case of wanderlust! I love traveling! If you want to check out some of my travels, head over to HERE to link up to some of them. You will quite often find me doing a lot of silly jumps in my photos like the one below because, why not? Haha.  P.S., I almost got kicked out of Machu Picchu because of the jump in this photo…oops! 😉

Machu Picchu, Travel, Jumping

And while I soooo wish my natural hair color was red, it sadly is not. I’m a natural blonde. But I love that everyone thinks I’m a ginger.  😉

Redhead, Headshot

(Photo by Lucyna Alexandra Photography)

But I guess the biggest thing you should know about me is that I absolutely LOVE my job! I am so incredibly grateful and feel like I need to pinch myself everyday for how lucky I am to get to do something I love. 🙂

Behind the Scenes Photography

So hopefully now that you know a little more about me, I can get the chance to learn more about you and your loved ones at a future portrait session.

Marilyn Bray Shamblin : 22:18 February 20, 2015 Reply
I LOVE this! GREAT job. Such a wonderful post. Keep jumping even with if you get kicked out.
Carole Dienes : 01:05 February 21, 2015 Reply
So glad you are doing well, will look you up next time we are in Florida!
Jennifer Nicole : 15:30 February 21, 2015 Reply
What a wonderful post! I love that you thrive to enjoy every moment in life! Btw, your hair, I would have NEVER guessed that you weren't a natural red-head. It looks amazing. :)
Laura Foote : 00:25 February 24, 2015 Reply
My fellow IG, Foodie, Wanderlust girl. We need to meet! :)
Michelle Stoker Photography : 15:42 February 26, 2015 Reply
Love it!! I really love your red hair and think you look like a natural ;)
Cassandra Vancuren : 14:07 March 3, 2015 Reply
Awww this is awesome! And oh my goodness I would have never guessed you were a blonde! You totally rock the red hair!!

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