J’s Cleveland Boudoir Session


I know Miss J has admired my boudoir work for a while. She’d mention to me from time to time that maybe she should have some photos taken. But then she’d shy away from the idea when she’d think about her insecurities (like all of us women do!)…and think things such as “I’m not as tone as I used to be when I ran all the time” or “I’m turning 50 soon, I’m not sure if my body is the shape it needs to be in for these kinds of photos!” But I kept at her…if you have ever met Miss J, you’d agree that  she’s a beautiful women both inside and out and I wanted her to have images of that beauty. And then the more we talked, I think the more she realized that this would be a great way to document how beautiful she was at 50. And then maybe again when she’s 60. And 70.  It may not be what she looked like at 25, but she is still a gorgeous woman and this would be a wonderful lesson for her daughter and her grand-daughter. And honestly all of us women! We need to learn to embrace our beauty. No matter our age. Our weight. If we have scars. Or other insecurities. We should love and embrace the body we were given.

So without further ado, here’s a few images that Miss J is letting me share with all of you, so we can spread the message of loving who you are and the body you have been given. (The rest are for Mr J’s eye’s only! 😉 )

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