C’s Cleveland Boudoir Session


Miss C contacted me a little while back. She’d been working her butt off losing ridiculous amounts of weight and was thinking about doing a boudoir session as a gift for her hubby for their anniversary. Of course, I thought it was a fantastic idea. But while she came to me with this amazing idea, I could tell she still had some reservations.  She had once been up to well over 300 lbs at her heaviest pregnancy weight. And after having 3 beautiful daughters and then losing 175 lbs (Yes, you heard me correctly…She is freaking AMAZING & INSPIRING!), I could tell she was a little nervous about baring so much of herself after being overweight for so long. But you know what? We went through with the session and she ROCKED it! It was so awesome to see her start to warm up in front of the camera and really enjoy getting a chance to feel and be beautiful. 🙂 Here are a few images that the lovely Miss C let me share with you from her session. Doesn’t she look awesome?!

Miss C's Cleveland Boudoir 1 Miss C's Cleveland Boudoir 2 Miss C's Cleveland Boudoir 3 Miss C's Cleveland Boudoir 3

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