September 15, 2016

Boudoir Photography | Why it’s a Gift for Yourself, Too


Boudoir photography is a gift that many of my clients will give to their significant other for Valentine’s Day, or for a birthday, or as an anniversary present, or – the most common desire for a session – as a wedding day gift for their future spouse-to-be.  But if there is anything that I’ve learned over the last 8 years of doing boudoir sessions…a lot of times it’s more of a gift for the woman herself, than it is for anyone else. While partners may eventually get the final prints or album, it’s YOU that gets the experience of a lifetime that you soon won’t ever forget.  Need some more convincing? Here are 6 reasons why any lady should consider doing a boudoir shoot.

1. It will challenge your self-perception.

Ladies, we all know that when it comes to our bodies, we are always our own.worst.critique. We gravitate to the cellulite on our legs. The rolls in our belly. Our lack of cleavage. But what if we take a moment to see our beauty through someone else’s eyes? What if you were to allow me to use my camera to accentuate all the amazing positives there is about your body image. That thick, silky hair. The beautiful smile. Those crinkles in your eyes when you laugh. What if I could help you believe that you are good enough? Because I will. 🙂 Boudoir Photography in Tampa  by Tami Keehn

2. It’s a great way to embrace your health & fitness accomplishments.

You’ve lost 10 lbs and you are rockin’ those skinny jeans like you never thought possible. You’ve been training hard for that half marathon, and the results have lead to those gorgeous powerhouse legs of yours. You’ve been killing it with the clean eating…turning down that second or third glass of wine and you are really loving the way the curves of your body are looking right now.  While you may wish you could lose “just 5 lbs more”, why not take a moment and celebrate your current, healthier & happier self? Boudoir Photography in Tampa  by Tami Keehn

3. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate life’s moments.

You’ve recently become a mother. Is there any bigger accomplishment? You’re body isn’t looking like it did pre-baby, but hell girl, you just created life and you deserve a chance to embrace those new “mommy curves”. Or is it that you are 6-months cancer free and you want to document what strength and resilience you possess. Or maybe you just broke up with an ex. Now is the time to embrace life as a newly single hot chic. I mean what girl wouldn’t want to offer a nice little jab of “see what you are missing out on, sucka!” and a moment of clarity of why she is “so much better without him!” 😉 Boudoir Photography in Tampa by Tami Keehn

4. It’s a time to help you heal from that abusive relationship.

There’s a lot of really amazing men out there, but let’s be honest…there’s a good handful of jerks out there too. He made you feel like crap. He put you down. He made you believe that you weren’t worth it. But deep down you know you are. You know that you are a million times better he will ever be.  You deserve to treat yourself to an experience that will reiterate this fact. You are pretty fucking amazing…own it, girlfriend! Boudoir Photography in Tampa by Tami Keehn

5. It’s time to push boundaries. 

You say to yourself, “I can’t do this!” I’m terrified beyond believe to let myself be vulnerable & scantily clad for photos. But you know what? You can. And you will. And you are going to feel SO EMPOWERED after doing it. You will now be saying, “Did I…little ol’ me…JUST do that?!”  Yes, you totally did! And if you can overcome the fear of doing a boudoir session for yourself, just think what else you can achieve? Boudoir Photography in Tampa by Tami Keehn

6. It’s a way to find yourself.

A boudoir shoot with me will help you to really love the woman that you are. Many times as women, we will put our focus on helping others over ourself. But when you give yourself some time for self-love, it will have a ripple effect on other parts in your life. By caring for yourself, you will be able to serve others better. This experience will help you find renewed confidence in yourself, and invigorated faith in the woman you want to become.  You may just be amazed at the woman that walks out of her photo shoot. 😉   Boudoir Photography in Tampa by Tamarie Photography

So are you ready for the gift of self-love? It’s time to embrace the inner vixen and book a boudoir shoot.
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kayla : 10:27 October 5, 2016 Reply
These are GREAT truths! I can't wait to book my own session!
    tami : 10:37 October 5, 2016
    Thanks Kayla! A boudoir session is an amazing experience! You will love it! :)

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