Meet Tami |Tamarie Photography

Meet Tami - St Pete Boudoir PhotographerHello there, friend.

My name is Tami, and I’m a visual storyteller based out of the St Pete/Tampa Bay area. I grew up in the midwest, but always craved travel & adventure in my life. While I’ve done lots of travel over the years, I decided in 2014, that I was ready for the next big venture.  I wanted to live in a place where palm trees swayed, and I could  watch the golden light of the sun sink into the depths of the sea. I wanted to be in a place that there was a deeply rooted community, and a love & appreciation for the arts. And then I found St Petersburg, Florida. This place sets my artistic soul on fire! (And I frequently post images of it all over my Instagram…haha).

When it comes to my photography, I find myself gravitating towards  capturing the emotional connections between my clients. I am a woman that loves deeply, so it makes my heart burst to see this warmth  & happiness between my couples & families. I love imagery that doesn’t just show a scene from your life, but elicits a sense of nostalgia…to take you back immediately to that moment in time. My heart melts when I’m able to help my boudoir clients learn to let go of insecurities, and finally realize what a beautiful woman each of them are.

I’m not much for fluff. I prefer simplicity, with natural light & shadows, sunflare over flash, and keeping props at bay. My work is from the heart, for the heart. I want it to be all about you & your story.  Let’s make it a bestseller.

XO, Tami