Meet Tami

bio-pic“Hi, I’m Tami. I’m ecstatic to have you visiting my website! So you want to know a little bit about me? While I once thought it was science + practicality that pushed me, I’ve found with time that it’s actually ART + PASSION that is my true driving force. And I decided in 2011 to quit my day job to pursue my love for PHOTOGRAPHY.

Most days I find I’m consumed by MUSIC…as it inspires me while I edit, and evokes emotions to get my inner creative juices flowing. I’m in love with TRAVELING [and just so happen to be available and stoked to travel worldwide for your photographic needs]. The GREAT OUTDOORS is my playground and my happy place.

I believe in QUALITY over quantity. I want you to have products you can cherish forever. I like to be SILLY. I’ll take SIMPLICITY over complexity any day.  I can’t remember what life was like before INSTAGRAM. I’m a complete and hopeless ROMANTIC.

And lastly, I’m SUPER EXCITED to be your photographer.”